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Jamie Allen

Chief Technologist for AWS and Site Reliability Engineering; EPAM Systems

Jamie Allen is EPAM’s Chief Technologist for AWS and Site Reliability Engineering based in Seattle, USA. Prior to joining EPAM in December 2019, Jamie was the global head of consulting and training for Typesafe/Lightbend (creators of Scala and Akka), and the Director of Engineering at Starbucks responsible for re-implementing Starbucks Rewards and Mobile Order/Pay backend systems from scratch in the cloud with microservices. He has also been an Production Engineering leader at Facebook in the Core Systems group, helping manage SRE for the shared containerization and orchestration platform used by all Facebook services. Jamie is the author of Effective Akka, and co-author of Reactive Design Patterns.

Talk: Whither Programming Languages: Where Did They Go and Where Are They Going?