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Empowering Developers to Navigate a World Where AI-Generated Misinformation Can Be Created at Scale


Room Qu4a

Wednesday, April 12th 2023
1:30 PM—2:30 PM EST

Any developer who is trying to build a platform for authentic human content is under threat from the capabilities enabled by ChatGPT, and other text generation services. Whether it’s education, applications, hiring, reviews, publishing, email, or social media, we are now dealing with actors who can distribute convincing, unique, and factually-unchecked content at scale.

Alex Cui, CTO of GPTZero, will be discussing some of the first-hand challenges that our partners have faced, and the approach we are taking to tackle them. We’ll also discuss how you can use the tools and APIs we’ve developed to detect the use of AI in generated text, how we can zero in on original sources, and how we envision the future of navigating an AI-filled internet.

This talk and Jake Williams’ talk, Environmentally-Friendly Natural Language Processing and Tips for Detecting the Use of AI-Generated Text, will be complementary).

Alex Cui
Co-Founder & CTO, GPTZero