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Demystifying Digital Twins: The Digital Twin Consortium’s Capabilities Periodic Table


Room Qu4a

Tuesday, April 11th 2023
2:45 PM—3:45 PM EST

A digital twin is a virtual representation of real-world entities and processes. Digital twin systems have the potential to transform businesses by accelerating holistic understanding, optimal decision-making, and effective action. Adopting digital twin systems can even help organizations achieve their sustainability goals.

A digital twin of a healthcare facility rendered in 3D and using XR can help epidemiologists get an up-to-date view of the state of disease spread; using real-time sensor readings for data acquisition, a digital twin of a windfarm can be used to predict energy output; and digital twin technology can be used to simulate complex business processes.

This session will demystify what it takes to implement a digital twin system by using The Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table (CPT) to determine the requirements of a digital twin platform and the technology solutions needed to address specific business needs.

Developed by the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC), the Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table (CPT) is an architecture and technology agnostic requirements definition framework. The CPT follows a periodic table approach with capabilities grouped or “clustered” around common characteristics.

Three questions often posed to the DTC are “What is a Digital Twin”, “What can it do for me,” and “How do I get started?”. The Capabilities Periodic Table aims to provide a starting point.

Dan Isaacs
GM and CTO, Digital Twin Consortium