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Conquering the Challenges of Building and Deploying Omni-channel Digital Experiences at Scale


Room Qu4b

Wednesday, April 12th 2023
1:30 PM—2:30 PM EST

From personalized websites to mobile apps to immersive video, omnichannel digital experiences are all about making our customer journeys consistent, simple, and engaging for our audience throughout across all channels. But building and rolling out content-rich digital experiences for many channels and at scale can be anything but simple!

In this session, we’ll explore modern omnichannel experiences and the common challenges that product teams face when building and delivering them. We’ll discuss the latest industry trends, including headless architectures and composable business applications.

Most importantly, we’ll identify real-world solutions and success stories from both Fortune 500 enterprises and fast-growing startups. Join us to learn which team structures, processes, architectures, tech stacks, and best practices enable successful teams to deliver at scale and conquer the omnichannel beast.

Russ Danner
VP of Products, CrafterCMS