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A Survey of JavaScript Meta-Frameworks

Ken Rimple
Director of Training & Mentoring, Chariot Solutions

An Open Book Test: Securing Open Source Software with OpenSSF’s Scorecard

Stephen Augustus
Head of Open Source, Cisco; Governing Board, Open Source Security Foundation

Calling Functions Across Languages

Richard Feldman
Creator, Roc Programming Language

Choreorobotics: Teaching Robots how to Dance

Catie Cuan
Roboticist; Inaugural Artist-in-Residence, Everyday Robots

dbt: Embedding Software Engineering into the Analytics Workflow

Kshitij Aranke
Senior Software Engineer, dbt Labs
Brandon Segal
Senior Analytics Engineer, Spotify

Environmentally-Friendly Natural Language Processing and Tips for Detecting the Use of AI-Generated Text

Jake Ryland Williams
Associate Professor, Department of Information Science, College of Computing and Informatics, Drexel University

Hacking the Pachyderm: Scaling Servers and People

Hazel Weakly
Hachyderm Team; Contributor, Aurae Project

How To Steal From Maintainers

Richard Schneeman
Author, How to Open Source; Creator,; Ruby Core Contributor

Lightning Talks

Leemay Nassery
Engineering Leader, Spotify
Maurice Gaston
Software Development & Engineering Leader, Comcast
Drew Rogers
DevOps Engineer, SRE Consultant, Sysadmin at Chariot Solutions
Gary Sieling
Principal Engineer, Certara

REPLs All The Way Up: A Rubric for Virtuous Feedback Loops

Avdi Grimm
Graceful.Dev, founder; Ruby Hero
Jessica Kerr
Symmathecist; Developer Advocate,

Starbeam: Universal Reactivity and What It Means For You

Yehuda Katz
Creator, Starbeam.js; Co-Creator, Ember.js; former Rust, Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Team Member

Using the Software Carbon Intensity Specification to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Software Systems

Tammy McClellan
Sustainability Addict, Microsoft; Community Working Group Co-Chair, Green Software Foundation

WebXR for Cooperative Work, Thought and Play

John Shaughnessy
Manager of Engineering and Ecosystem Strategy (Hubs), Mozilla

Your Browser is Pooped: A Real-World Application of Using Web Workers to Create a 100% Browser-Based Barcode Scanner

Drew DeCarme
UI/UX Solution/Front-End Architect, Engineer, and Node Dependency Hater; Front-End Software Consultant, Chariot Solutions

Your Distributed System is Talking to You: OpenTelemetry

Jessica Kerr
Symmathecist; Developer Advocate,