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A Survey of JavaScript Meta-Frameworks

Ken Rimple
Director of Training & Mentoring, Chariot Solutions

An Open Book Test: Securing Open Source Software with OpenSSF’s Scorecard

Stephen Augustus
Head of Open Source, Cisco; Governing Board, Open Source Security Foundation

Calling Functions Across Languages

Richard Feldman
Creator, Roc Programming Language

Choreorobotics: Teaching Robots how to Dance

Catie Cuan
Roboticist; Inaugural Artist-in-Residence, Everyday Robots

dbt: A Software Engineering Approach to the Analytics Workflow

Kshitij Aranke
Senior Software Engineer, dbt Labs
Brandon Segal
Senior Analytics Engineer, Spotify

Environmentally-Friendly Natural Language Processing and Tips for Detecting the Use of AI-Generated Text

Jake Ryland Williams
Associate Professor, Department of Information Science, College of Computing and Informatics, Drexel University

Hacking the Pachyderm: Scaling Servers and People

Hazel Weakly
Hachyderm Team; Contributor, Aurae Project

How To Steal From Maintainers

Richard Schneeman
Author, How to Open Source; Creator,; Ruby Core Contributor

Leading with the Platform: A Platform Engineering Approach to Tech Debt

Jess Mink
Senior Director of Platform Engineering,

Lightning Talks

Maurice Gaston
Software Development & Engineering Leader, Comcast
Drew Rogers
DevOps Engineer, SRE Consultant, Sysadmin at Chariot Solutions
Gary Sieling
Principal Engineer, Certara
Sue Gerace
Software Engineering Manager, Certara
Matt Gilbride
Android Platform Security, Google

REPLs All The Way Up: A Rubric for Virtuous Feedback Loops

Avdi Grimm
Graceful.Dev, founder; Ruby Hero
Jessica Kerr
Symmathecist; Developer Advocate,

Starbeam: Universal Reactivity and What It Means For You

Yehuda Katz
Creator, Starbeam.js; Co-Creator, Ember.js; former Rust, Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Team Member

Using the Software Carbon Intensity Specification to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Software Systems

Tammy McClellan
Sustainability Addict, Microsoft; Community Working Group Co-Chair, Green Software Foundation

WebXR for Cooperative Work, Thought and Play

John Shaughnessy
Manager of Engineering and Ecosystem Strategy (Hubs), Mozilla

Whither Programming Languages: Where Did They Go and Where Are They Going?

Jamie Allen
Chief Technologist for AWS and Site Reliability Engineering; EPAM Systems

Your Browser is Pooped: A Real-World Application of Using Web Workers to Create a 100% Browser-Based Barcode Scanner

Drew DeCarme
UI/UX Solution/Front-End Architect, Engineer, and Node Dependency Hater; Front-End Software Consultant, Chariot Solutions

Your Distributed System is Talking to You: OpenTelemetry

Jessica Kerr
Symmathecist; Developer Advocate,