ETE Opportunity Scholarship

About The Scholarship

The ETE Opportunity Scholarship aims to support members of underrepresented groups who are not able to individually, or through an employer, finance a ticket to the conference. This scholarship helps emphasize our goal of fostering a technology community that accepts and promotes diversity.


Ideal candidates should be a member of an underrepresented group in technology. Some examples but not limited to: Women, African-Americans, Latinos, LGBT, or individuals with disabilities. If you feel as though you are a member of an underrepresented group, please apply, or reach out to us with questions using the e-mail address referenced below.

Given that ETE is based in Philadelphia, we have a strong preference for people in the local technology community. We hope to relax these constraints in the years to come.

Begin your application or forward it to someone who you feel would benefit from attending Philly ETE.

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