Stephanie Humphrey,  Tech Reporter, Fox 29
Stephanie Humphrey
Tech Reporter, Fox 29

Tech-Life Expert Stephanie Humphrey merges her passion for lifestyle media with in-depth tech expertise to show everyday people how empowering, enriching and fun technology can be. Stephanie is driven by the sole purpose of connecting people, particularly those underrepresented in technology, with the tech know-how to transform their worlds.

With her charming and personable demeanor, Stephanie makes technology less intimidating, especially for those who don’t talk “tech.” Adding her own dash of wit and style, Stephanie breaks down tech-life news in a way you can mentally download without crashing. Her enthusiasm is palpable in any medium, whether print, online, radio or television – and she’s had the opportunity to showcase her talent in each one.

Stephanie shares her enthusiasm for “lifestyle with a tech edge” through her blog, A Matter of Life and Tech, which inspires novice and experienced users alike to integrate technology into their daily lives in unique ways. In the blog’s popular “Oh SnApp!” segment, Stephanie spotlights the latest must-have applications.