Satwik Seshasai, VP of Engineering, NextDocs
Satwik Seshasai
VP of Engineering, NextDocs

Satwik Seshasai is the VP of Engineering at NextDocs, where he works on building the compliance platform that helps enterprises connect to deliver critical products safer and sooner to millions of people in important industries such as life sciences, chemicals, manufacturing, healthcare and of course, wine. His interest in saving the world one line of code at a time came from years at MIT, where his PhD studies took him to see the impact of technology in regions such as Kenya and Abu Dhabi. As a Program Director of Engineering at IBM, he led new product teams across enterprise social and cloud computing, and was involved in the acquisition and technology integration of many enterprise cloud computing startups. He has worked across many web technology stacks, from Python and PHP to Java and .NET, and has yet to name a favorite for fear a better one is just around the corner.