Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist, m6d
Claudia Perlich
Chief Scientist, m6d

Claudia Perlich is a renowned data scientist who currently serves as Chief Scientist at m6d. In this role, Claudia designs, develops, analyzes and optimizes the machine learning that informs brands on how to find their best prospective customers. She and the team of m6d scientists live and breathe web-wide data to drive new business and marketplace intelligence. An active industry speaker and frequent contributor to industry publications, Claudia thrives on advocating best data practices. She has published over 50 scientific articles, and holds multiple patents in machine learning. She has won many data mining competitions, including the prestigious KDD Cup three times for her work on movie ratings in 2007, breast cancer detection in 2008, and churn and propensity predictions for telecom customers in 2009, as well as the KDD best paper award for data leakage in 2011 and bid optimization in 2012.