Rich Hickey, Author of Clojure, Designer of Datomic
Rich Hickey - Author of Clojure, Designer of Datomic
Wed - 08:45-09:45 AM, Grand Ballroom

Design, composition and performance are critical in creating software. What are we doing when we design software? In what ways is design taking things apart? What does this have to do with Clojure, languages and libraries in general? This talk will explore the nature of design and composition and how it impacts our approach to software development practice and tools.

Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist, m6d
Claudia Perlich - Chief Scientist, m6d
Tue - 08:45-09:45 AM, Grand Ballroom

The Harvard Business Review declared Data Scientist “The sexiest job of the 21st Century” So what is all the Big Data hype about? Can data really change the way we live our lives and go about business?

Digital advertising is one of the fields on the forefront of exploring and exploiting Big Data. The main change in the world of data is its unprecedented granularity – particularly in measuring human behavior. Marketers in the past could only get as granular as demographic groups, like affluent middle-aged coffee-drinking parents. Today’s marketers can zoom into the forest to see individual trees, pinpointing a shopper standing in front of the Starbucks on 42nd and 5th, and only a short stroll from the Toys"R"Us store.

At M6D we use the new Big Data to change display advertising. We use high-granularity visitation records of our browsers to build predictive models in three areas: I) in targeting, to analyze web browsers’ digital online journeys to identify prospects with unprecedented precision; II) in bid optimization, to evaluate every advertising opportunity in real time and adjust bid prices accordingly; and III) in fraud detection, to root out bad apples that poison the marketing ecosystem.

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