Jamie Allen, authoring, Effective Akka Cliff  Click, CTO & Founder, 0xdata Charlie  Hunt, Author, Java Performance Doug Lea, Governing Board, OpenJDK Michael Pilquist, Lead Software Architect, CCAD
Jamie Allen - authoring, Effective Akka
Cliff Click - CTO & Founder, 0xdata
Charlie Hunt - Author, Java Performance
Doug Lea - Governing Board, OpenJDK
Michael Pilquist - Lead Software Architect, CCAD
Wed - 11:30-12:30 PM, Salon C

In today’s production environments, tremendous amounts of work can be performed on servers running the JVM with dozens of cores, yet in just a few years we could have machines that have thousands of cores. Parallelizing work in such a “manycore” environment is a hot topic, as is managing concurrency with so many possible threads executing at the same time. Will deterministic results be impossible in such a world? Will the JVM evolve to have more hardware affinity, providing developers with tools to create applications with more specific performance profiles? Join us as we talk with experts Cliff Click, Charlie Hunt, Doug Lea and Mike Pilquist about the challenges facing developers using the JVM on tomorrow’s computing platforms, as well as discuss the future of the JVM itself.

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