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Chad Fowler, VP Engineering, LivingSocial
Chad Fowler - VP Engineering, LivingSocial
Tue - 08:45-09:45 AM, Grand Ballroom

How do you apply engineering discipline to the thing that matters most: yourself? We’re software engineers or systems engineers or network engineers. We have learned lessons the hard way. These lessons boil down to immutable laws; some things work and some things don’t.

Successful engineers apply these hard-won lessons to their professions. We use the same techniques day in and day out to create systems to make other people’s lives better. But few of us apply the same kind of systems thinking to our own lives, careers, jobs, or organizations.

Let’s start thinking of our daily lives and work as a system, just like a system we would create or maintain in our professions. How would you approach your life differently if it were a system you were creating for a client? How do you define success? How do you measure it? How do internal and external quality differ?

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Alex Payne, CTO, Simple Finance
Alex Payne - CTO, Simple Finance
Wed - 08:45-09:45 AM, Grand Ballroom

You’ve seen this exchange time and again: a new programming language is announced and the first loud response is an exasperated “why do need yet another language?” We’ll start by answering this question once and for all. Then, borrowing from the experience of organizing two events featuring some of the most interesting new programming languages around, we’ll take a tour of some of the language landscape. Learn about languages and concepts that just might transform the way you work.