Josh Long, Developer Advocate, SpringSource
Josh Long - Developer Advocate, SpringSource
Wed - 10:15-11:15 AM, Ballroom A

We’ve all been there. Every night, data in one bucket needs to be put in another bucket. Lots of data. This usually implies iterating through large result sets and hoping that the process doesn’t fall down before it’s finished. It’s tedious, delicate work, and if you had the time, you’d write more robust code. But, you don’t have the time. And frankly, you shouldn’t need to. There is a better way: Spring Batch. Spring Batch is an open source batch processing framework from SpringSource, the people behind the Spring framework. Spring Batch has a large user base and a good track record in production systems, but what is it all really about, and why does it work? This presentation provides a short bootstrap to get a new user started with the Batch domain, showing the key concepts and explaining the benefits of the framework. Then it goes into a deeper dive and looks at what holds it all together, with a close look at some of the most important but least understood features, including remote chunking and partitioning.